Book #16 “The Complete Machine Quilting Manual” by Joanie Poole

My sewing machine has lots of features for quilting and I have only used a few of them. SO I thought this book would inspire me to try a more of them.

I had to read the book twice as there was a lot of background information in the first half, some of which didn’t have any context until later on. I have tried a few of the techniques on sample squares, and have renewed my loan of this library book to try some more.

Book #10 “The Quilter’s Legacy” by Jennifer Chiaverini

One of my sewing friends lent me this book. An easy read. The plot has two strands: the first set in the presence with an elderly lady searching for her mother’s quilts; the second following her mother’s life, and the making of these quilts. There is a lot of tension between various characters in the tale, some explained and some not. There are historical events included (WW 1, The Titanic, the flu) and also an explanation of the role of quilting some 100 years ago.

I would definitely read another book in this series.

Bag making and MORSBAGS

Yesterday I met with a few friends to do some sewing. Our plan over the next month is to make quilted bags, but at the moment I don’t want to start a new major project so I decided to make a basic bag (an alternative to a carrier bag). I leafed through a few patterns, but didn’t see anything that grabbed my attention, so I looked at an existing bag and worked out the pattern myself. The result is this:

Owl bag


Subsequently I discovered a project MORSBAGS which promotes the making of similar bags and then giving them away. They have a pattern which is very similar to the one I invented, except I had a seam at the bottom, otherwise half my owls would be upside down! And I made boxed corners using a method described in lots of places, including Method 1 here.

I like the idea of the MORSBAG project and think I will have a go at making some bags to give away, so I’ve sent for a hundred labels and try and make some over the year.