Book #11 “easy gluten-free”

I received this book for Mother’s Day, it is sub-titled “simple recipes for delicious food everyday”, the book is a collection of recipes from some 16 authors, some have only contributed one recipe, other have contributed over 20. One of the author’s who contributed a great deal is Victoria Hall who wrote This Is Gluten Free. Her recipes in this book include some of those I tried when I had her book out of the library, and others (like her hot water pastry) I was intending to try, so this is a very useful book to own. There are a few other recipes that I think the children will like, including muffins, that can also be baked in a loaf tin.

The book itself is beautiful, with each recipe fitting on one page, and opposite each recipe a picture of the dish.

The introductory section is spread over two pages, and is brief compared to many gluten free cook books. But the information usually included in such lengthy introductions is widely available elsewhere, the only thing I felt would be useful to me was a bit of explanation about the wide range of flours and other ingredients used by the various authors, along with suggested substitutes for ingredients not widely available.

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