Book #30 Your Digital Afterlife

When I saw Evan Carroll and John Romano’s book “Your Digital Afterlife” I thought this was a book I had intended to write.  I had written a couple of posts about Digital Legacy with Facebook‎ and Flickr.  There are items about  Digital Identity and death in some of our This is Me books  and given various presentations on it.

However when I read the book I changed my mind, it has lots of interesting snippets but I’m not at all sure I really think the approach they are promoting to archiving stuff will help in the long run. I am particularly concerned that they have not taken an international perspective as many people have digital content that spans boundaries, and the idea of making a list of accounts and passwords seems to be leaving yourself open to many potential frauds.

However if you haven’t considered what becomes to a person’s digital assets after they die then this book does provide food for thought.

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