Me and Cakes

I quite like cakes both from the point of eating and baking.

I have quite a few pictures of cakes on Flickr and the reasons I do that are several-fold:
1.       If I have baked something I am proud of I want to preserve the picture.
2.       It is easy to share the Flickr URL of the cake.
3.       I can also embed Flickr pictures into my blog.
4.       I use cake examples a lot in my teaching (there is a lot of similarities between cooking and programming).
5.       They add (I think) a human side to me for my students and colleagues without unduly exposing my family.
6.       Occasionally the cakes are as a result of online conversations, for example I made a chocolate beer cake, because I saw a tweet from someone else who had made one.

Chocolate beer cake

So cakes are part of my real life identity but because of decisions I have taken I think they actually represent a larger portion of my digital identity.

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